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May 4th, 2010

05:01 am
So I was walking down Jamaica Ave. today and a rather scary/homeless looking individual started to cat-call me. It didn't really bother me, its a rather common occurrence in this area, and eventually you get desensitized to it. Plus I had a rather large umbrella on me, which could easily be used as a weapon should I have needed it. What got to me is what the man said.

"Hey there, gorgeous...I love your skin...its like alabaster." followed by "Oooh and you got a tight ass, girl."

I ignored him and kept walking. However, about halfway down the block I thought to myself. "Wow, no one has ever compared my skin to alabaster before. In fact I think that's up there with the most romantic things anyone has ever said to me. How depressing."

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January 16th, 2010

03:30 am - Periods, Those things at the end of a sentence,
I stood at work today feeling the beast behind my eyelids, begging to be let loose. Grooming dogs was just another annoyance, and I frequently had violent fantasies about tearing bitchy customers apart in a wolf-like manner. At times I felt on the brink of loosing control and would excuse myself to run to the bathroom till the beast in me calmed again. Rage, pain and animalistic cravings all at once. I’m almost positive this is how lycanthropy starts.
Current Mood: bitchybitchy

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January 10th, 2010

10:44 pm - really? really? this is still an issue?

I’m an idealist. This is something I’ve noticed about myself on many occasions.  Lately I’ve been browsing afterellen.com’s forums. Its interesting to see all these gay(mostly) women talking about everything from the occasional “need relationship advice cause as we all know women are crazy…” to major political/social issues like abortion, rape etc. So today I was kinda outraged a bit. A woman of mixed race birth was curious as to what people thought about interracial relationships. So curiosity gets the better of me and I start reading. There was a lot of awesome posts like “this is really an issue still?” and yet….. there were the floods of people trying to justify why they wouldn’t date people of x/y/z race. One of my favorites was an Asian woman saying this:

“For me it’s about being a minority. I can’t be with someone who doesn’t live in the minority experience.”

Ok, now I think I can see what you’re saying, and to a degree I can understand it. But when I thought about it for a second I said to myself…wait a tick…..this is a lesbian blog site……..since when did queers lose the minority status based on their skin color? And….when were women not persecuted? Is she saying she doesn’t want to date rich white men? Cause that makes more sense. Aren’t we all in this together? Especially on this particular blog. I don’t think any woman who responded to that post had not experienced bigotry of one form or another. (sexist, homophobic, racist)  Granted, some women probably experienced more than others and some probably very little at all. But the bottom line is, if you’re queer and a woman….you already have a double whammy going for ya in the minority category. If you are a racial minority as well then its a triple threat.

The other thing that gets me gnashing my teeth is the idea that a white person couldn’t possibly know anything about being a minority or can never feel the sting of racism. I don’t care if you’re black, white, Asian, Native American, German, Irish, fucking Indian, Iranian, what-fucking ever. Everyone race has felt racism. Its how mankind has worked for centuries. We all have to find reasons to hate each other. There is white on white racism, there is black on black racism, there is fucking purple on orange racism its not as one sided as people make it out to be. I’m ranting and I apologize but this is one thing I feel very passionate about.

I grew up in a poor neighborhood in Queens, where I was the only white kid for miles. If you took an aerial shot of my school from kindergarten till 8th grade you’d be able to find me in seconds…and I took a lot of grief for being the only whitey around/being from a barely working class family, and yet I didn’t  let it turn me into a stereotyping asshole. I did not say “oh wow, anyone who has a different color skin than me is clearly a jerk for judging me as such.” I realized, “oh wow this person is not worth my time, this individual is a fucking asshole.” The way I grew up wasn’t easy and I’d implore anyone to walk a mile in those shoes before spouting off to me about how I couldn’t possibly understand being on the receiving end of bigotry because I’m white. The one thing I can be grateful for about growing up that way is my parents raised me as colorblind as one can get. I learned that there are good people and there are assholes regardless of skin color. Isn’t that how we should date? There are people we’re attracted to and people we aren’t? There are people who move us and connect with us on that level and people who don’t. Then again, maybe I’m just silly whitey, trying to be an idealist.

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January 2nd, 2010

07:39 pm - Xena and Lincoln logs...
So on a public lesbian forum someone asked the question “Were you a gay kid?” And I said to myself hmm was I a gay kid? Lets see, I liked baseball, crushed on the little mermaid and Xena and my grammar school phys-ed teacher, played with my dad’s hand me down Lincoln Logs and adored legos…All by about age 8. I think I won the gay kid lottery.

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December 19th, 2009

10:46 pm - The Runaways Movie...
So they made a movie about the Runaways…I’d almost be thrilled if they hadn’t used the cast of Twilight. Granted the band was never amazing. They were a bunch of 16 year old girls who wanted nothing more than to be what they felt were their famous counterparts. Joan Jett wanted nothing more than to be Suzie Quatro, Lita Ford wanted to be Hendrix, Sandy West thought she was Mitch Mitchell, Jackie Fox was Gene Simmons, and Cherrie Currie wanted to be David Bowie. Granted they were jail bait and weren’t exactly Mozarts of Rock , they had some magic to them. They were the first of their kind and they lived and breathed that filthy dirty Rock and Roll lifestyle. Everyone was doing drugs, sleeping with other bandmates, and singing about shit girls just didn’t. There was no, “My boyfriend left me and I’m gonna go cry about it” bullshit, it was “I’ll give ya something to live for, have ya and grab ya till you’re sore.”

So what’s my point? I’m pissed. (what else is new?) I’m pissed that this groundbreaking band is being reduced to a Twilight side flick as my girlfriend put it. A huge portion of the people going to see it are Twilight fags who think the Runaways and Joan Jett are works of fiction. But I suppose ever cloud has a silver lining. All I can hope is that the film gets the band some of the recognition they deserve. Cause without The Runaways there wouldn’t be bands like Hole, The Go-Gos, L7, The Bangles, The Donnas, Babes in Toyland, hell the Riot Grrrl movement of the 90’s wouldn’t have existed. We wouldn’t have Joan Jett or Lita Ford. Maybe in spite of molding them into something that can be sold to sparkely vampire fangirls good will come of this. Maybe, just maybe a new generation of teenage jail-bait will find out about their roots. I mean here were 5 young girls who had the living  fuck exploited out of them so girls and women could Rock out with their twats out, make it worth their while. www.youtube.com/watch

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October 10th, 2009

02:01 am - Just sharing a rant I had,I apologize for it's length/grammar
So upon moving into the midwest I've met many different kinds of people. People who were more of a rarity in New York City. I find myself more of the odd man out in being a liberal but more so, by not being a devout Christian. I've been getting into arguments lately over Creationism vs. Evolution and my new favorite thing to argue about, religion in schools.

So I got into this argument with my girlfriend's aunt's friends via facebook.
Jenn's Aunt responding to Jenn:
I agree. But what I found so great about this is that this teacher was so arrogant. You are right that we can not teach in public schools about only one religion. However, Christians are persecuted for their beliefs more so than any other religion. You can not talk about Jesus in a public school but you can talk about Alla. Why? My point is that ... this professor had no business talking to his students about his personal beliefs. You can bet that if he was talking about Jesus he would have been fired. 

Nutjob Lady on a philosophy teacher talking about atheist views in a school:
OK, touchy subject over here! Narrowmindedness....JESUS does exist! PEROID.... I saw HIM. Peroid. So, I couldn't walk into any academic institution and tell my story? Let the students figure it out in their own time. If somebody saw Buddah Id'e love to hear/read the story. What, the only way something exists is to be proven empirically? Ever...read or hear.... I AM THAT I AM? Peroid. This is America, land of the free, and free thinkers. Education is a daily process... Peroid. It's very public, it's all around us... structured in a sense throughout our young lives and for some of us conitinuing on to older ages. Wiser ages. So, the story said it was a college class. Hmmm the instructor is paid to do his job. The class is basically atheistic. Students aren't stupid. There isn't a morning/ afternoon/ evening/ in a day that goes by that I haven't praised God (by the way, the G in God is a formal noun and needs to be capialized. On and on... anybody that wants to take me on in this arena... I stand up baby! Chris thanks for the post and I KNOW your heart! It's good, very good.
about an hour ago

to which I replied:

Very touchy subject indeed. Although one major point I disagree with is that " Christians are persecuted for their beliefs more so than any other religion. " This point can be made for MANY religions.( Not to say that Christians were/are never persecuted.) Christianity went from being an underground cult that was SEVERELY persecuted along with Judaism in ancient Rome to being THE #1 religion in the known world from the time of Constantine's vision of Jesus till present day.

Judaism could probably take the cake for being a religion most persecuted against. From ancient times Jews were persecuted by Roman pagans as heretics for worshiping only one God, by Nazi Germans during the holocaust, to today for not being believing that Jesus was their messiah.

Many times in a public school setting I have indeed learned about Jesus the HISTORICAL figure who is believed by Christians to be the son of God. No one ever claimed that Jesus never existed or that he was merely a mythological figure. Same goes for how I've learned about Mohamed and Allah in school,or the Hindu gods and the philosophies of Siddhartha/ Buddhism (Buddha is not considered God). I think there's a big difference between an academic and religious view being taught in schools. From learning about many religions in public schools in an academic manner I was able to take my own initiative and find God in my own way, and I take much pride in my relationship with God.
However in the long and short my main response is this. In a school setting, whether its religion, politics, or morality, it is disgusting to me when a teacher abuses their power and imposes their own beliefs on their students. That is that students personal journey and it is their own personal right to come to their own conclusions about God, morality, politics what have you. Philosophy for many people (especially atheists) becomes a religion all in itself where student of philosophy look to the self and the truth of the human condition to explain the mysteries of the world. So usually students on this subject should know what to expect. Does it make it right to impose an atheist view of these beliefs on students? Absolutely not, the professor had no right to do that.

Sorry for the long rant, but I felt the need to take part in the conversation. I totally see why anyone would be angry. However, I'd be just as angry if the professor tried to convert a class of atheists to any religion. A teacher's job is to teach his/her subject, not his/her personal beliefs/opinions.

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June 29th, 2009

12:05 am
I now declare that Amanda Palmer and Nail Gaiman are the Brangilina of goth kids and art fags.....that is all.
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March 16th, 2009

02:41 pm - My best work yet, cause anything with song is an automatic winnar!

or if the embedded doesnt work its here vimeo.com/3694077

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February 7th, 2009

11:11 pm - In for a visit!
I'm heading back to NY for a visit! Which means fun times and hopefully fun peoples. Seem like a lot of friends I used to hang out with all the time are out of state and out of the country....and even sometimes out of their minds. But on the brighter side of things I'm in for a 2 week visit which is much longer than I'm used to. Cramming seeing so many friends and family into my less than 1 week visits has been a drag. So maybe this will be awesome...I hope so at least. Michigan is cold and lonely >.> Anyway, people in the area should drop me a line...cause I promise you fun! fun and possibly boobs...
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January 11th, 2009

09:07 pm - just a brief thing about the new star trek movie
So I had no idea this was coming out till like today...and wtf? I vote for a name change, it should be called either "Star Trek: Young and Sexy!" or just play the muppet babies theme song throughout the whole thing and have Old Spock be "Nanny" complete with striped socks and giant shoes.

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